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Map of 5 Eva Street



EVOLVE Wellington Youth Service

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EVOLVE Wellington Youth Service, Dixon Street Shoe & Bag Repairs, Satay Kajang, cafe Lala, Customs Agents, Juicy cafe, Boss, Story! Inc, Telecom WiFi Hotspot - Dixon Street Deli, and Dixon Street Deli

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Pizza Pomodoro
I can confirm; the pizza is <b>excellent</b>.
Pizza Pomodoro
Simply the <b>best Pizza</b> in Wellington!<br> The Pollo is unbelievable.
Love Bambalinas - such a cool place. The new owners aren't quite as cool I think - but still nice...
Yup - bambalina.
Apt 15
This place looks awesome. :)
Apt 10
That plant bottom left doesn't look too healthy. :-)
Apt 15
mint appt
Memphis Belle Coffee House
Gold at the New Zealand Coffee Awards (www.flightcoffee.co.nz) Best Ethically Traded Coffee in NZ...
Memphis Belle Coffee House
Memphis Belle Coffee House
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